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To late

Posted on: November 30, 2010

So CNY put up their embryo’s while I was at work. I’ve been waiting a few month’s for them to put them up so I was anxious. There were 2 profiles. I quickly scanned them since I shouldn’t be doing it at work and emailed her with my choice. That was around 11:30. She emailed me back and let me know that the profile I picked only had 1 embryo. OOPS. So I re read the profiles and decided not only did the other one have 3 but I liked the profile better. Unfortunately it was taken at noon. So we decided that paying $3,000 and traveling to NY for one embryo was not ideal. There were more in the batch that someone else had used. She transfered 3 and got pregnant with triplets then reduced to one. I wish she hadn’t told me that cause I’ll admit I got upset. If you didn’t want to risk more then 1 baby then only transfer 1 at a time.

So I listed a profile on miracles waiting and we are currently waiting for a match. I found a profile I LOVE but it’s expired so the woman who manages miracles waiting is emailing them for me. Hopefully they are still avaialble but so far I haven’t heard anything yet.


My hubby and I are anxiously waiting to pick out embryo’s. Profiles should be available this week! I’m hoping we can do our FET in February but not sure if that is pushing it. We shall see!

I’ve been talking to my husband about donor embryo for a few month’s now. I brought it up a few years ago but he wanted to do traditional adoption instead. Since that is not working out for us we went back to the drawing board and he’s now ready for donor embryo. We will be going to CNY. It’s my friends RE in new york. I can stay with her when I cycle. She has twins from IVF/intralipids. She had multiple failed IVF’s.

We will need intralipids to get pregnant since I have some immune issues but donor embryo will over ride the DQ alpha match so all we have to worry about is my elevated NK cells, my clotting disorder and my MTHFR. My abnormal eggs and the DQ alpha match were our biggest hurdles.
They will have embryo’s available next week but if you pick then you have to pay the fee up front. They will allow you to wait to cycle but you have to pay the fee for the embryo’s. DH wants to wait till next year so I’m not sure how long it will be till we get embryo’s. Hopefully it won’t be long and we can cycle next year to pick any. Im hoping their embryo’s don’t get picked but I”m sure they will and their program is small right now so it will take a while before they get more donated. We just dropped a ton of money on fixing up our vacant apartment unit so waiting till next year makes sense. I’m ancy to have embryo’s though. I can wait to cycle but I’ll feel so much better knowing we have embryo’s waiting. It can take a while to get some embryo’s though so not sure how long we will have to wait.
On another note I think I had a chemical last cycle. I had a 24 hour period and it was light. I tested on what would have been 17 dpo (had I not started my period) and got a very faint line. The next day the line was gone. So either it was an evap or a chemical. The line had color so who knows really. This has happened to me before though.