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I don’t really update this blog much any more. Mostly because this was just a blog I kept while I was going through the IVF process. It was a place for me to vent and get out my frustrations. Since we are not doing IVF or medical treatments I have not really had much to say. We have however moved on to adoption (this was about 18 months ago so at the time we were still doing IVF). After having our profile up for only 8 month’s we were matched with a birth mother that was 6 month’s pregnant with a baby girl. After going into labor at 33 weeks 4 day’s the 17 year old birth father decided he wanted to raise the baby. To make a LONG story short while the baby was in the NICU the 16yo BM breast fed and decided (with the guidance of her doctors) that it was best for the baby if she went home with her. So our first failed match. Mean while we had (shortly after being contacted by this first birth mother) been contacted by a young married couple who had a 5 day old baby girl. They had a 1 year old son and felt over whelmed and wanted to give their baby up for adoption. We told them we were matched already and they said they would wait to see how it turned out. When I emailed them to tell them our match had failed I wasn’t surprised to hear that they had decided to keep their daughter. My husband and I are of course devastated that our match didn’t go through. We had already gotten some baby stuff. All the nursery stuff, stroller, car seat (all thanks to my mom) some clothes from a friend. The cloth diapers. etc etc etc etc. My shower was scheduled for 2 day’s after our matched failed.

It’s an emotional roller coaster but we will survive. I had/have a separate blog that we set up for the baby so that’s why I really didn’t write about it here. Like I said this blog was really to get me through my IVF struggles. Which is why I really don’t update this blog much. Heck my family doesn’t even have this blog address. It’s a blog where I vent my frustrations so I don’t see the need to be passing it around to people who mind get offended or…what not by what I have to say here. I got a comment on my blog once that said something about me being negative or something to that effect. Yeah well…that’s the point of this blog. To vent. I may not be the most positive up beat bubbly person you will ever meet but I’m certainly not THIS negative all the time I swear LOL. But hey, you try 4.5 years of infertility and 6 IVF’s then we’ll talk. Until then I’ll just deal with the judgments cause that’s what comes with having a blog.

I also have been laid off since last February. It was hard to get used to at first. I got really sick and lost 10 lbs but ended up really enjoying my summer. I am very grateful that I didn’t get laid off while my husband is in school. He’s graduated now and has a job so that has helped us a lot.

Alicia had the baby on Wednesday 10/21 at 33 weeks 4 days. Baby weighted 4 lbs 7 oz and stayed  in the NICU till she was ok to be released. Unfortunately, the birth father decided at the last minute that he wanted to raise the baby however, because the baby was premature and needed to be breastfed, she went home with her mother when she (the baby) was released on Tuesday 10/27/09, although the father does visit her quite often.  The baby has been re-named. We wish the Alicia and the father luck. Here are some pictures of McKenzie Nicole.