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Well the primary presentation was this Sunday. It was beautiful but at one point I started to think about how how I don’t have kids (I was picturing having a child up there even though mine would only be 18 months had we gotten pregnant right away). I couldn’t help but cry. Poor DH didn’t know what to do other then hold my hand and rub it.

I’m so ready for this journey to be over. Bring me my baby already!! I really really want this IVF to work. I don’t think I could go through this a 4th time!



Posted on: October 26, 2007

Stupid progesterone BCP. I’ve been having PMS for 24 hours now. It seems to be just getting worse. I flipped out a few times on my poor husband this morning. Now I’m at work and I can’t seem to focus on work. I am having a hard time focusing on what I need to do. 😦

I hate PMS. I’m starting to have doubts again about my IVF. I know it’s just the PMS talking though. I take my last BCP on Sunday then the wait for AF begins. I’m really sick of this roller coaster. I really hope my next IVF works. I’d be due the very beginning of August (like the 3rd or something). It would be perfect. I’d love a summer baby.

I hate being in a bad mood.

Well I officially ordered my meds. They will arrive on Friday. I still have some left over from my last IVF but since I pay $40 regardless of the quantity I filled the whole prescription. I will get 10 450iu Gonal F Pens. I still have ganerellix from IVF #1 so I didn’t bother to fill those.

I take my last BCP Sunday evening. If I remember correctly I believe it takes 3 days for AF to arrive. Since I take them at night I’ll expect AF on Thursday some time. Maybe even Wednesday. I’m hoping she holds out till Thursday.

I’m getting excited to cycle again.

I’m feeling a LOT better about my IVF cycle. I’ve been on the BCP for a week now. So far it makes me nauseous but that’s ok I guess. Hard to believe that in 12 days I’ll be starting the injectable meds. That reminds me…I have to order them. My nurse refuses to order me any more then I need for that cycle however it’s a $40 co pay regardless of how many gonal f pens she orders me. I shouldn’t complain because $40 is VERY cheap compared to what others pay but it still bothers me. My last doctor would let me order about 3 months worth. I have ganerallix from IVF #1 so all I’ll need is the Ovidrel and Gonal F.

I can’t wait to start and really hope the herbs have helped my egg quantity. (and quality) My doctor wants to only transfer 2 but I want to transfer 3. Technically I only had 1 failed IVF since IVF #2 I had nothing to transfer. If we do a 3dt I definitely want to transfer 3. if we do a 5dt and the embryo’s are good quality then I’ll do 2. I’m really hoping for a 5dt this time. My clinic requires 6 fertilized eggs in order to do a 5dt. it’s quite annoying. I’d rather do a 5dt regardless of how many fertilize.

This comment really irritates me. Not only do I get it from EVERYONE but I get it from my doctor. Now let’s reflect back when our grandparents were young: Someone my age would be considered an old hag if they didn’t have children (I’m 28) Our bodies are in their TTC prime in our twenties. Not in our 30’s and I’m almost in my 30’s. Your body starts to wind down once you get into your 30’s. So please stop telling me I’m young. According to the US I am young. Because everyone here (almost everyone) waits till their mid 30’s or early 40’s to start trying to have children. Furthermore there is good reason why once you are 35 you only have to TTC for 6 months before you can seek fertility treatments.

This comment makes me mad but it makes me even more angry when my doctors say it. I think I’m going to have to politely tell him to please never say that to me again. There are tests he wont’ do because I’m “young”. Um well last time I checked I couldn’t get pregnant so being “young” should have nothing to do with it. What if they did these tests and they didn’t find a problem? the fact of the matter is it’s my body and I have insurance that will cover anything I do. Therefore I should get the tests I want to get done…with in reason…doing simple blood work to check immunity shouldn’t be an issue nor should doing an antral follicle count.

Needless to say I will be getting an antral follicle count one way or another. He told me to have my old doctor do one so that is what I’m doing.

This comment is almost worse then “just relax and you will get pregnant.” Yeah I get that comment too.

what they don’t know is I’ve been doing acupuncture for close to 6 months and I went to therapy for quite a few months for my infertility. I just decided to go back to therapy to help me get through IVF #3. This is not going to be easy for me. I hate the FSH drugs. they make me crazy. I also have a very hard time with having to be in control. With IVF you are NOT in control at all.

well I’m off to play the sims. At least there I’m a fertile mertile. 🙂

Why didn’t I switch RE’s when I was on a break. I gave my Re the benefit of the doubt and I still don’t agree with how he is handling my cycle. He is not doing CD 3 bloodwork or u/s. He will not do an antral count because I’m “to young”. Ok I’m “Young” then why am I not pregnant?!?!?! He is also not doing an u/s until I have been on stims for 4 days. I stim really quickly. By 4 days my follicles will be around 14mm (unless I’m lucky). If he really cared he would bring me in for an u/s after 2 or 3 days of stims. Unfortunately my follicles suck up the FSH and grow way to quickly. it’s like he doesn’t care. He just goes by the book. It’s like I’m a number. Why oh why am I doing this again? I hate my doctor and I’m stuck with him till this cycle is over.

He said during my phone consult that we could do “what I wanted” but he won’t do an antral and he won’t bring me in earlier for an u/s. Does he even care about me? He sure as heck doesn’t seem to. I’m so unbelievably angry. All my FF friends have told me since IVF #1 that I need a different doctor. Now I’m on IVF #3 and STILL with the same doctor. If this cycle doesn’t work I’m going to a different RE. This is ridiculous. I can’t stand him!

I can pretty much predict what will happen this cycle. I’m hoping since I have been on herbs for 3 months that my body will do something a tad bit different. Here is what my body normally does:

after 4 days of stims My E2 will be over 500 and I’ll have 4-8 follicles. Some or one of them will be around 12-14mm. My Re will then lower my dosage.

I’ll be lucky if I get 8 eggs. My ICSI rate is less then 50%. I have almost zero chance of a 5 day transfer if we don’t get at least a dozen eggs.

My Re did up my dosage to 225 and I’ve never been on anything but 150 so I’m thinking we might end up getting more *crosses fingers*

I’m not looking forward to going through this again. I’m so glad I have my FF friends and my blogger buddy to go through this with.

on a good note we pick up our car today!!!

Well I got the results of my progesterone test today and it was 2.80. I know I ovulated (about 99% sure) but it was extremely week (like always) so AF should be here in a few days. I’ll start the BCP for IVF on Sunday and end it on 10/28. I’ll start stims on 11/2 and my estimated ER will be 11/13!

Well Jon and I found a car. Never in a million years did we picture ourselves getting a brand new car! We got a 2008 Toyota Carolla S edition for $16,000. I’m nervous spending that much on a car but oh well. We have the $3,000 from my car to put down on it so that will help. We’d have a lot more if we hadn’t just paid for both our heating systems. At least they are done though!

Well time to relax!